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Through a systematic method of counseling, psychometric assessments and interventions each person has a great potential to move towards a healthier, better and efficient himself. 

Through the holistic health approach of health, its a new way of Organizational Development to achieve better efficiency an success. An organized approach towards working with teams for health brings joy, strength and energy at workplace.

Through various activities based on Artforms and Sports, one can stay engaged and better absorbed in all walks of life. Simple techniques and participative activities become experiences that enhance individuals and groups wellbeing. Drum Circles, Suryanamaskar, Yogasanas, Theatre and Martial Arts are our signature activities. 

Practice Suryanamaskar with Anand

You can join practicing Suryanamskar with Anand every Monday and Wednesday - 7:30 am to 8:15 am. To register contact on +919423508456.

Book a Drum Circle

Drum Circle is a fun filled activity! Anand has been facilitating drum circles for last 10 years and has worked with populations like college students, children, NGOs, Corporates, Families, Communities, and all possible age groups all over India. To book a Drum Circle contact

Drum Circles Pune | Interactive Events | Team building Activities ( 

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