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On a mission of supporting individuals, teams, organizations and communities become healthy



About Anand 

Anand started his work with an objective of making people, communities, families and organizations healthy. In today's time and day, it is extremely important to become and stay healthy for happiness and better efficiency in all walks of life. Through the learnings in Psychology (Western and Indian), Arts, Sports and Indian Philosophy, Anand and his team brings in the experiential element to the systematic and scientific processes to make you healthy and happy.


Anand is a consulting health psychologist with extensive experience in teaching, research, training, mentoring, coaching, counselling, and facilitation.

He holds master in industrial psychology and a doctorate in the area of Suryanamaskar and mental health from the university of pune and is involved with lot of teaching and research in the area of yoga, health, arts and sports (google scholar). He is trained with Arthur Hull for drum circle facilitation and facilitates drum circles and corporate workshops. He is also also a Director and Promoter of FLOW social sciences research organisation that conducts action research in the area of health and well being for special populations and communities as a social responsibility ( 





0 9423 508 456


826 Sadashiv Peth,

Annapurna Society,
B Gadgil Street, Pune


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